Every Space to Be programme is co-created with participants. During the first gathering of the group, a plan will emerge for how the time together will be spent.  At various points, there are opportunities to share experiences and reflections.

The facilitator will offer some options for more structured activities that might appeal to the group –  there may be as many as 5 more structured sessions during a retreat, or as few as 1 in a half-day event.

To date, these more structured sessions – introduced and lightly led by the facilitator – have included opportunities for reflection, exploration and expression. There are some examples below:

Making sense of our senses

A sequence of activities that enable us to become more aware of how strongly our senses (of which there are many more than five!) influence and shape us.


Using art, metaphors, photographs, description as prompts for more imaginative responses to who we are, how we see ourselves and what we aspire to be


Starting with a large empty piece of paper and building a personal ‘map’ to convey where we have been, where we are now and where we are heading – whether with paint, felt tips, collage or words.

Capturing thoughts

Starting a journal to keep a record of our random thoughts, reflections, feelings – something to re-visit at a later date that will remind us of things that felt Important.

Story sharing

As far as we can tell, stories feature in all cultures and traditions – often handed down from one generation to the next as ways of teaching, memorialising and / or community-building. What stories do we have and what can we learn from each other’s?

The ground on which we stand

Exploring what makes us who we are – our inherited characteristics, how our experiences have shaped us over time, the talents we were born with or have acquired, our values and beliefs. Are we warriors or peace-makers? Are we innovators or activists? Are we coordinators or shapers?

Circle conversations

Making the most of the opportunity to listen attentively and to speak with clarity – leaving space between what one person has said before the next person speaks… this is both an art and a science. When it works well, it can have an almost musical / rhythmical / healing quality

is optional!

Other activities…

…can be offered and led by members of the group – to date these have included: music-making, mindfulness meditation, creating sculptures out of found objects in the landscape and wilderness walks.

Opening & closing

For those who like to start and end in a meditative spirit, there will be optional quiet sessions.

No Words 
There is no word for the flight, not gliding, not soaring, not floating, not drifting. 
There is no word for the call, not tweeting, not bleating, not baaing, not quacking. 
There is no word for the climb, not clambering, not stepping, not hopping, not frolicking. 
There is no word for the touch, not fluffy, not oily, not spikey, not rough. 

There is no word. 

There are no words for the sound I can’t hear, 
For the touch I don’t feel, 
For the face I can’t see, 
For the words you don’t say, 
For the thoughts we don’t share.

There are no words.

Bobbie, April 2022