Being quiet

The retreat will encourage a sense of quiet rather than silence – though individuals can choose to be silent for some or all of the time if they prefer.  The aim is to enable participants to withdraw from their busy daily lives and, by cutting out extraneous noise, to experience a calmer and less ‘busy’ way to be…

Being reflective

We all do a lot of thinking and processing of our experiences and feelings. Becoming more reflective is an invitation to still our chattering minds and see what emerges when we give space for deepening awareness of ourselves and our surroundings so that a more spontaneous and intuitive response can emerge…

Being present

It typically takes participants between 12 and 24 hours to ‘arrive’ at the retreat – to let go of what they have come from and what they will go back to when the retreat is over. Slowly the experience of living in the moment and ‘going with the flow’ becomes the norm and is itself refreshing and therapeutic…

Chiara – April 2022

Being creative

Some of us are effortlessly creative, but for many there is a level of anxiety about expressing ourselves in unfamiliar ways.  Participants to date have often been surprised at what they have created in words or images during the retreat… you will see some examples dotted around this site…

Being together

Whilst we emphasise the opportunities for being quiet and for making individual choices about how to spend time during the retreat, those involved (both participants and facilitator) also form a kind of temporary community. Learning how to be with others, enjoying and appreciating the rich diversity within the group whilst giving each other space is a reminder that we are social beings with roles and responsibilities to others so the retreat is also outward as well as inward looking…

Sensing the Wind


Warming or cooling

Making things rustle, move, sway

And sometimes


Working invisibly

With visible impact

Blowing through, when it can

And around, when it can’t

Spreading seeds, pollen, moisture

Helping birds, boats, parachutes

Carrying sound

Clearing the air

And being the never-ending


That connects

Our world

Ros – May 2019